Monday, November 25, 2013

Missing Sweeney

My English career in Richard Bland has been an exciting path thanks to Professor Sweeney. He has helped me greatly throughout each semester I’ve taken him. I’ve actually really improved on my writing skills. I think with the brainstorming we’ve always done before each essay has helped me break down my ideas for each essay. I also really like how he’s open minded about the essays so when it comes to writing we are not bored of our topic and just putting words down on the paper. Also I’ve learned the importance of citation and how there are many ways of citing a paper. MLA format has usually been drilled in our brains, but with Professor Sweeney we have choices. As long as we cite it correctly and credit the authors a certain way. I strongly recommend this professor, because he’ll definitely make sure to make you laugh with his enthusiastic and bubbly personality. I have honestly enjoyed Mr. Sweeney’s class and I will miss going to his class next semester. 
Mr. Sweeney writing down our Brainstorm Ideas :) 


  1. Im going to miss him as well :( . I cant take any more classes with him after this semester :( Ill be done!! Its exciting yet sad at the same time :(

  2. can you believe we have all had him in the same class for three semesters!? it is going to be so weird coming back for my third semester and not going to his class every MWF. I am going to miss you guys