Monday, November 25, 2013

Missing Sweeney

My English career in Richard Bland has been an exciting path thanks to Professor Sweeney. He has helped me greatly throughout each semester I’ve taken him. I’ve actually really improved on my writing skills. I think with the brainstorming we’ve always done before each essay has helped me break down my ideas for each essay. I also really like how he’s open minded about the essays so when it comes to writing we are not bored of our topic and just putting words down on the paper. Also I’ve learned the importance of citation and how there are many ways of citing a paper. MLA format has usually been drilled in our brains, but with Professor Sweeney we have choices. As long as we cite it correctly and credit the authors a certain way. I strongly recommend this professor, because he’ll definitely make sure to make you laugh with his enthusiastic and bubbly personality. I have honestly enjoyed Mr. Sweeney’s class and I will miss going to his class next semester. 
Mr. Sweeney writing down our Brainstorm Ideas :) 


Watching this movie really made me think of how many of us are sinners. Some more than others of course, but we all tend to have our sins. I will summarize the seven deadly sins. After reading them you will have to choose which one you are guilty of.

Pride- an excessive belief of oneself; conceitedness

Envy- desire for other abilities or situation; jealousy

Gluttony- the desire to consume more than needed

Lust- craving the pleasures of the body

Wrath- anger

Greed- the desire for material wealth

Sloth- avoiding physical work, laziness

After naming all these sins. Which one are you guilty of? Take in mind the times when you went to the buffet and ate as much as possible. Or the time when you hated a certain individual for being so spoiled. Even when you got mad over something so small. Also when you decided to take a nap instead of writing the English essay due. Like said before many of us are sinners, some of us are sinners of multiple of these sins. But that's what makes us human beings.
Pride        Gluttony     Greed         Sloth          Envy     Wrath       Lust

Thursday, November 21, 2013

National Aquarium, Baltimore MD

A few days ago some RBC students took a trip all the way to the Baltimore Aquarium in Maryland. The trip was a little long since it took about three hours to finally arrive. But when we arrived I was super excited and could not wait to enter the building. When coming into the main entrance the first thing I see was a gorgeous waterfall and at the bottom of it where big fish that we could clearly see through the glass tank. We kept walking and went up the stairs to see all kinds of creatures like clown fish, star fish, sunflower starfish, lion fish, squids, dolphins, sharks and very impressive beautiful glowing jellyfish. I was absolutely mesmerized on how much color I could see among the tanks. Some of these huge tanks went from the first floor to the third floor which very impressive architecture because it really let us see the huge admirable sea creatures like the sand tiger shark, roughtail stingray and plenty more. I would have to say I really loved seeing the colorful view these sea creatures brought to me. But not only was there sea creature there was also Amazon terrestrial creatures that were on the top floor of the building. This was very interesting because when reaching the last floor you could feel the very humid heat and the amazon that surrounded us. This mini amazon was an imitation of the Brazilian amazon which carried birds and other species that are found in the rainforest. I very much enjoyed this trip to the aquarium because not only did I enjoy the beautiful experience of these animals but I definitely learn many new facts.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

RBC Scholarship Reception

On Tuesday October 29th, I was invited to a scholarship Reception in the Community Room in the Library. I was actually really excited to meet who was this amazing person that had given me this scholarship. When entering the community room I am given my name tag that contained my name and the name of the Scholarship I had received which was “Dr. Bruce Weekly Scholarship”. I came in and served myself some food that was given and I was looking for a name tag that read Dr. Bruce Weekly but didn't seem to have much luck to find him. After a few minutes I got some help to find my donor. To my surprise it was a very nice lady instead of the man I was searching for. She then later informed me that Dr. Bruce Weekly was her brother that had passed away a few years. She also mentioned how his first school was Richard Bland and then he transferred to VCU to become a Vet and also got his Ph.D in Pharmacology and that he always wanted to give back to the school where he came from. I felt really honored that I got to be one of the people that he donated a scholarship to. I was so glad that I went to this reception, because it really made me feel thankful for what I had received and also have in mind that maybe this can be a goal for me. When I become a doctor do the same and donate a scholarship to the school where I started from. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Questions asked by Sweeney....

·       What you’ve learned or wish you’ve learned about writing/lit?
-          I have learned to become a better writer, because I feel like the more essays (the more writing in general) the better writer I become. I really enjoy writing a topic of our own. Like the last essay assigned by far. How we’re going to get to write the topic of our choice but we actually get to refer one of the stories we’ve read. I know I’ll like writing this essay because it’ll be a piece of writing that I’ve enjoyed.
·       What you’ve learned about your peers and their writing?
-          I’ve learned that some people really don’t like writing, due to the fact that they simply show it when I’m reading their essays. Some people do really struggle with writing and they don’t stick to one topic they actually talk about anything that will fill the word requirement for assignment.
·       Reflections on Essay 1, Essay 2, anticipation about Essay 3?
-          So far I’ve enjoyed writing essay 1 much more than essay two due to the fact that for essay two we are limited to just ONE story. Also not finding the story all that amusing did not help me when it came to writing this second essay. But I’m actually a little excited about writing essay 3 since first of all we get to choose our own topic even if it means that we have to refer to one of the stories. I much rather refer to one of the stories than just be limited to one story like The Glass Menagerie.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A few weeks ago, my friend Presha and I decided that it would be a great idea to go to DC and explore some museums since we live about twenty minutes away from this astonishing place. I’ve always enjoyed going to the holocaust museum because I get to experience how it really was and how many people suffered of pain and hunger and it really makes me appreciate what I have. When coming in the museum we get a pamphlet of a child that we get to find out what happen to him/her at the end of the tour. As we’re walking along the tour I get to experience this little bridge in the middle floor of the building that was surrounded with portraits and pictures of individuals that had died during the holocaust. It was absolutely beautiful because these pictures would go all the way from the first floor, pass the second floor and reach up to the third floor.  (As shown on the picture to the right.) As we walked through this bridge I also reached the spot where they had a collection of shoes of many of the deceased people. I could see baby shoes, small children shoes, women shoes, and adult men.It was absolutely breathtaking; seeing a huge pile of shoes of those that were once free by were crudely killed. (Picture below) Finally at the end of the tour I found out that the little girl Anastasia that I received actually died in a concentration camp after she had suffer of hunger and depression since she was only nine years old and was taken away from her parents.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Yellow Wallpaper

As the story began, my first thought was that the house the narrator and her husband were looking through was haunted and the reason was for it being such a nice house and I found it very strange that no one had lived in it in so long. We immediately see that this couple didn’t have a great relationship since the woman becomes very depressed and relies on this one room with the yellow paper. She becomes very fixated and obsessed with this object. She even sees a lady trapped inside it. Do you think that the lady trapped, was actually her? She was basically getting more and more psychotic as the days passed by. Hallucinations was the biggest problem for her, since her imagination drove her more insane and all she wanted to do was stare at the yellow wallpaper. The author was very clever to make us believe that maybe there was something in the wallpaper, an also at the end of the story we find out that John supposedly faints at the end of this story. But many inferences such as her killing her own husband are made. Honestly I feel like she did, the author left it open for our imagination to wonder throughout the story.